Ideas in a room

Exploiting the free economy, I gather found objects from the streets of NYC and then construct three-dimensional installations. 

I layer what I’ve collected throughout the room, using the floor, walls, windows and a large sheet of plexiglass, positioned strategically in front of the camera lens. I rely solely on the science of optics. Rather than Photoshop or other post-manipulation techniques, it is the camera’s ability to render extreme depth of focus, from 10 inches to infinity, which makes the resulting illusions possible. Everything is recorded in a single sheet of 4x5 film from the point of view of the camera, including the city view outside the windows.

Making this series I was influenced by early narrative paintings, especially the Master of the Osservanza from 15th century Sienna and X-Men comic books. After finishing each piece, the room is cleared, re-painted and a new search for objects begins.