Ideas in a room

These are actual room sized collage constructions, made with a palette of found objects scavenged from the streets of NYC. At first I began layering objects and mark-making in space. Then I learned I could paint on my window and with a 4x5 at f/90, make it look like it was sitting atop a building across the street. Eventually I also used a large sheet of plexiglass positioned strategically in front of the camera lens. Everything is recorded in a single sheet of 4x5 film from the point of view of the camera, including the city view outside the windows. It is the camera’s ability to render extreme depth of focus, from 10 inches to infinity that makes the resulting illusions possible. All the photographs are made in camera with no Photoshop or other post-manipulation techniques. It's like walking into a daydream or an alternate universe.

Making this series I was influenced by the Surrealists and the early narrative paintings of the Master of the Osservanza from 15th century Sienna. After finishing each piece, the room is cleared, re-painted and a new search for objects begins.