the Yes project

Beginning July 2017, I set out across neighborhoods in Somerville, Cambridge and Boston, with light-tight packages containing prepared sheets of vellum, coated with cyanotype emulsion. My intention was to make a light drawing of a connection with one or more strangers. A camera-less process, cyanotypes are made using sunlight, creating a silhouette of whatever is in direct contact with the light sensitive emulsion.

There were many refusals, but each time someone agreed, an awkward beginning metamorphosed into something unexpected and joyful. Depending on the time of day, the process needs 10-14 minutes. We told stories, jokes, shared worries and aspirations. Over one hundred people generously participated. Their outstretched arms form a trace of our connection as a community of "yes". It made my summer.

This is my third project where I combine the medium of photography with social and collaborative actions. The installation views were taken at the Trustman Art Gallery at Simmons University, where the project was first shown. They will be on exhibit February 12 - March 18th, 2019 at the Garner Center of New England School of Photography.