Exchange Economy

As artist-in-residence at The Boston Center for the Arts (BCA), I created an experimental, alternative economy based on photography, trust, and trade-exchange. 

Between March 4 and June 15, 2013, I set-up informal portrait studios in the surrounding BCA neighborhood (see map below), inviting passersby to collaborate on making their portrait. Anyone who stopped to participate received a voucher as “currency” that could then be used to purchase their own portrait or any other photograph made for the project during designated Community Days. These events were held in a pop-up gallery next door to the BCA. During the last hour of each community day, photographs were also “purchased” by individuals who offered something of equivalent value in exchange.

55 people actively participated, crowd-curating the final portfolio of 55 limited edition photographs, a mix of archival pigment and gelatin silver prints. Many are first-time photography collectors.